'You're Scared Now': Watch Parler Videos Rioters Filmed Inside the Capitol

Videos taken by the pro-Trump mob and originally uploaded to Parler are being re-shared and categorized online to help identity people who invaded the Capitol.
‘You’re Scared Now’: Watch Parler Videos Posted Inside Capitol During the Riots
Photo: YouTube

A Capitol Police officer was forced to dodge a chair hurled at him while he was trying to bring down a security door as rioters flooded into the Capitol.

But the pro-Trump rioters stopped the door from locking into place, allowing them to continue rushing in. As the officer turned to move away from the scene, a voice can be heard shouting “You’re scared now, motherfucker.”

We only know this incident happened because the entire scene was captured on video by a user of the now-defunct right-wing social network Parler. The video was posted there before the site was de-platformed earlier this week, but not before one hacker managed to legally download 99.9% of the site’s entire contents by exploiting a weakness in the site’s coding to index and download all public posts.


And thanks to Parler’s decision not to strip location metadata from the content uploaded to its site, all those videos have been re-uploaded and are now being shared on more accessible platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

For the last three days, archivists and data scientists have been processing the data gathered by the hacker who goes by the name @donk_enby. And now, that data is finally being made available to the general public.

On Wednesday, several projects have come online that make it much easier for the general public to view the videos from Parler that were taken in and around the Capitol on Jan. 6  

One developer called Patr10tic launched an interactive map to allow you to see where videos were taken inside the Capitol. A similar project has plotted even more videos, drawing its data from a list of over 1,000 videos posted to Parler from inside and outside the Capitol.

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 11.54.47.png

While the sheer amount of videos can be overwhelming, Bellingcat, the open-source investigative research group, has compiled a list of 14 videos that come from inside the Capitol, and they give a clear sense of the chaos, carnage, and fear created by the pro-Trump mob that day.  


As well as open-source intelligence experts, the Parler data dump will also become a key resource for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies — who have already relied on the live streams of the rioters themselves to identify suspects and make arrests.

And helpfully, this rioter took a selfie video of himself at the Capitol admitting he stole a riot shield from the police. “Make sure, if you take over the Capitol or any other big place, make sure you bring a shield. You can’t get this anywhere but the cop’s hands.”

The soundtrack to the videos are chants ranging from “USA, USA, USA” to “Whose house? Our house” to “Where are the traitors.” In one video where rioters are chanting “traitor”, two men can be seen trying to smash in one of the Capitol’s windows. 

An overhead shot of the rioters flooding in through the doors of the Capitol gives a sense of just how large the crowd was. 

A one minute-long video captured at the main entrance to the Capitol, at the East front plaza, shows rioters milling around and at one point shows one dressed in a full Roman centurion costume.

Another shows a scene in a crowded corridor where one person shouts out “Where are all the traitors” before the person filming the footage calls for a fist bump with another rioter, saying: “America, baby.”

While many of the videos show rioters wandering aimlessly around the Capitol more interested in taking selfies than seeking out “traitors” the situation inside the building at times did get fraught.


One video shows dozens of people unable to move because of the sheer numbers trying to force their way in. At one point people begin to turn back but are unable to move because of the size of the crowd, so they begin shouting: “Clear a path.”

Helpfully some people clarified that they were “inside the Capitol building” at the time they recorded the footage, such as the man who filmed this scene with the QAnon Shaman facing down Capitol Police.

Another video shows a group of rioters roaming the corridors of the Capitol, trying to kick in random doors and shouting out “1776” and “Guess what? America showed up.”

In some of the videos, it’s clear that some rioters didn’t agree with everything their peers were doing.

In one short clip, a rioter is heard shouting “This is our house” before, seconds later, another rioter appears to try and calm the situation by saying: “Chill, dude, we’re better than that.”

In another clip, a woman is heard telling off another rioter for causing damage to the building. “Hey, guy, that’s not why we are here,” she says.

On Tuesday President Donald Trump told reporters that he bore no responsibility for the violence on Capitol Hill, saying his speech hours earlier that many say triggered the violent scenes was “totally appropriate.”

However, one new Parler video blows that assertion out of the water, with one rioter outside the Capitol shouting at police: “We were invited here by the president of the United States.”