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Twins Separated After Birth Reunited Over 20 Years Later, Thanks to TikTok

A real-life ‘The Parent Trap’ for the TikTok age.
For illustrative purposes only. Photo: Ichad Windhiagri, Pexels

24-year-old twin sisters from Indonesia who were separated shortly after their birth have recently reunited after finding each other on, of all places, TikTok.

After being apart for over two decades, Trena Mustika came across a TikTok video of her twin sister, blogger Treni Fitri Yana. Noticing their striking resemblance, Trena began reaching out to Treni on various social media platforms.

After weeks of communicating with each other on WhatsApp, Treni embarked on a train ride from Blitar, East Java to meet her twin sister. The two finally met at the Tasikmalaya Train Station in West Java on Thursday, local news reported.


A video posted on Treni’s YouTube channel shows the sisters enjoying a long embrace and sobbing in each other’s arms in the back of a car. Journalists present reportedly fell silent as they witnessed the emotional moment.

The twins were born in the city of Ambon in 1996 to transmigrant parents, Enceng Dedi and Enok Rohenah from Java, an island in Indonesia lying between Sumatra and Bali. At 2 months old, the twins were left in the care of neighbors while their parents returned to Java to care for a sick relative. Treni with one family and Trena with another.

Enceng and his wife were able to visit both girls’ adoptive homes until sectarian unrest between the Muslim and Christian communities erupted, forcing thousands of transmigrants to flee Ambon in 1999. Unable to locate Treni, Enceng and his wife took Trena back to their hometown in West Java. Meanwhile, Treni’s foster parents had returned to East Java with her.

The two were about 10 hours away from each other by land, but both families fell out of touch. While Treni grew up with no idea she even had a twin sister, Trena and Enceng had long been searching for her, Indonesian newspaper Kompas reported.

“While I grew up oblivious [to Trena’s existence], our biological family has always told her about me,” Treni said.

Treni’s foster family had reportedly withheld information of her biological family in fear that they would lose her, but Treni holds no hard feelings against them for doing so.

Since the two met, Treni has already posted multiple videos on YouTube which show them spending quality time together.