Yep, We Still Have a Magazine (and You Should Subscribe to It)

The Fame Issue of VICE magazine is so good, you're gonna want it in print—and while you're at it, why not become a subscriber?
March 31, 2021, 9:25pm

Here are a couple of things we’ve realized over the past year, whilst trapped on our increasingly broken-in sofas: 1) Reading is awesome, and genuinely worth making time for; and 2) Receiving mail is also awesome, and can brighten an otherwise soul-draining day. This is all the more reason why subscribing to magazines—ya, print ones!—is well worth it. Two birds, one stone.

Oh yeah, speaking of print magazines, we still make one, and it’s really good. As a matter of fact, you can get the first issue of 2021 of VICE’s award-winning magazine delivered directly to your doorstep. As you may recall, we’re big on themes, and this time, it’s The Fame Issue, in which we explore the line between famous and fan—the power of each, and the industries around both.


Photo: Kyle Berger

What stories can you expect? Glad you asked: to name just a few, an examination of the ecosystem surrounding celebrity gossip Instagram account @Deuxmoi; a deep dive on becoming famous for imitating famous people, as told through the case of Chase Icon; and a profile of Eve LaFountain of the Disney Channel show Bug Juice, who is still grappling with having her most embarrassing moments of adolescence memorialized forever on the small screen. We’ve also got incredible photo spreads from Moises Arias and Jessica Lehrman, further exploring the relationship between the famous and their fans. Want to read more? You can check out stories about The Unshakable Allure of the Celebrity House Tour and A History of the Hollywood Celebrity Robberies—also featured in this issue—live on VICE.com now.


Photo: Moises Arias

Head over here to buy The Fame Issue—or to subscribe to VICE magazine now. It’s only 40 bucks a year to subscribe if you’re in the US or Canada; that’s less than the price of a night of mediocre takeout, for a whole year of amazing original storytelling (that will look damn good on your coffee table, too). Or, check out this interactive map of where to pick up a mag IRL in New York or LA.