Watch the Trailer for the Pepe the Frog Documentary ‘Feels Good Man’

Watch creator Matt Furie grapple with his chilled out frog becoming a symbol of online Nazis.

In 2005, cartoonist Matt Furie created Pepe the Frog and posted him to his Myspace page. The feel good frog loved pizza and hanging out with his friends. People loved Pepe and he became a meme. Then the online Nazis, 4channers, and far right shitposters adopted Pepe and the frog stopped being about good times.

Feels Good Man is a new documentary about Pepe’s transformation and Furie’s attempts to take back control of his creation. From the posts of Myspace to the courtrooms of Texas and meetings with the Anti Defamation League, Feels Good Man follows Furie on a journey to the dark heart of the internet to reclaim the soul of a cartoon frog that just wanted to have fun with his buds and inadvertently became a symbol of white supremacy.

Feels Good Man will be available streaming and on demand starting September 4.