The Sims Discovers Hygge With a New Knitting Expansion

Yarny is cottagecore now, I don't make the rules.
A Sim knitting while her cat sings.
Image: Sims 4

Sure, there was a huge Nintendo leak, as well as the return of baseball and the unholy second season of Blaseball. But don't forget today's most important news. Simmers, Nifty Knitting has arrived, it is adorable, and all my Sims will not stop autonomously knitting. Gita and Austin freaked out over cats playing with balls of yarn and decorative Yarnys in this week's Waypoint Radio.


Austin: Alright. We are back. Gita, I need you to give me something that's like a little more chill, a little less like stressful. Halo: drama, bad. And then Nintendo leak, ugh. So much. What do you do? Give me something like a little more homey, a little more… just chill. What have you been up to?

Gita: Over the weekend, I ended up getting a code for—if you're listening to this now on the day that it came out—The Sims Nifty Knitting, which is out today. And let me tell you some real special stuff about that, Austin Walker. The best feature that now exists in The Sims is that if you leave out decorative balls of yarn, cats will play with the ball of yarn.

Austin: Wow. That's the best thing I've ever heard. 

Gita: It's so good. 

Austin: Wait, so they've added knitting to The Sims? Just generally speaking, you can knit now. Can you knit stuff to put around your place? Like, could I knit little, like, cross stitch things to hang up?

Gita: Yes, you can. I've been knitting like crochet hanging planters. They have several different styles. You can make poofs to sit on or to place things upon which I've unlocked the ability to do. You can make sweaters that you can keep yourself or gift to people which are really cute. The sweaters also, they come with different moodlets when the characters put them on and you can in fact make a cursed sweater that will just make whoever you give it to you feel itchy all the fucking time, which sounds adorable.


Austin: Fantastic. Wait, I pulled up a trailer. Gita, is that Yarny. Is Yarny in this? 

Gita: Yarny is in it!

Austin: I mean, that makes sense. EA owns that. Yeah. Okay.

Gita: He's made of yarn and he's in the video game now. Yarny's in it. He's not just in it once, actually, he's in it twice. You can make a Yarny that you can play with as a friend. And you can make a Yarny that you can just have, decoratively hanging out.

Austin: A decorative Yarny. Thank you for this. Thank you for this decorative Yarny. The trailer also says there's a fake Etsy. Is that new? Is Plopsy new?

Gita: Yes! It's brand new.

Austin: We posted decorative Yarny and Patrick left the group.

Gita: He doesn't need to see that shit. I want to just show you just like the vibes you get.

One Sim teaching another to knit.

Image: Sims 4

Austin: Yeah. I love this. I love this.

Gita: I think the only thing is that they autonomously knit too much. 

Austin: Ha! "Time to fucking go, I gotta do something."

Gita: So instead of autonomously drinking water all the time, now we'll just autonomously knit constantly. But it does lead to these like really, really cute moments like this. Sitting in a rocking chair—rocking chairs are also new—and they can rock back and forth and just knit peacefully. Here, one Sim is teaching another Sim how to knit. I like the sort of unsure animations there.

Austin: Yeah.


Gita: "Is this what knitting is?" That's how I felt when I started to learn what knitting is. I created a group for this Sim called Knitting Circle. You can create clubs in The Sims 4. So the things like give us club points are knitting and just being friendly and listening to music.

Austin: I love that. I love that. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with fake Etsy, I guess, partly because I'm curious if it interacts with the rest of the Sim stuff?

Gita: I think it is exclusively for knitting goods. I think that's what they said during the developer live stream about this expansion. But it's where a lot of The Sims's writing charm has come in now. There's something about the process I think is actually very, very sweet. You just go to stuff in your inventory and you click on it and it'll give you the option to list it. And then you wait a couple of days and see who bites.

Austin: Is it other people in your Sims town? Like, could you, could you sell something on Plopsy, and then you see someone wear your hat? 

Gita: I'm not sure yet.

Austin: They should do that. I need to know.

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