Seattle Cop Caught on Video Rolling His Bike Over a Protester's Head

The officer appears to shove another protester before two other officers kneel down next to the injured man.
September 24, 2020, 3:04pm
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Warning: Graphic content

A Facebook live stream of a Breonna Taylor protest in downtown Seattle on Wednesday night captured the moment a police officer pushed his bike over the head of a protester lying on the street.

The disturbing incident, captured on video by CJ Halliburton, who regularly live-streams from protests, shows a man wearing a helmet lying on the ground in front of a line of police. As the police advance on protesters, one of the officers, rather than stopping to help, pushes his bike over the man, with the front wheel going over his head and the back wheel over his neck.


The officer then appears to shove another protester before two other officers kneel down next to the injured man.

Another Facebook video shows the same incident from another angle, with the person recording the footage heard shouting, “This person is on the ground—he just ran over his head! He just ran over his head! Oh, my God!” 

The incident took place on East Pine Street in downtown Seattle. The condition of the protester, who hasn’t been identified yet, is unknown.

The Seattle Police Department said in a statement it is “aware of a video circulating on the internet that apparently shows an SPD bike officer’s bike rolling over the head of an individual lying in the street. This matter will be referred to the Office of Police Accountability for further investigation.”

The SPD said it arrested a total of 13 people during Wednesday night’s disturbances.

The protests in Seattle were part of a nationwide reaction to the Wednesday decision by a grand jury in Kentucky not to indict three police officers involved in the March 13 killing of the 26-year-old EMT during a botched no-knock raid on her home in Louisville.