E3 Is Dead, Long Live E3

We discuss Reed Pop's purchase of E3, the final Zachtronics game, and the weird world of online claw games on this episode of Waypoint Radio.
the purple lettering "E3" floats suspended in air between sci-fi teleporter pads in a darkened room.
Image courtesy of the ESA

This week we're serving up a heaping scoop of everyone's favorite summer snack, podcast-cream! Ren and Cado have been deep in the food-court automation mines in Last Call BBS, the final game from Zachtronics, which is an excellent tribute to a specific age of computing and trying to pass on the nostalgia you feel for a time to a person who might've never experienced it. But first, we discuss the resurrection of E3 and what a Reed Pop owned show might look like. Then Patrick takes us on his unexpected journey into the world of online claw machines.


Discussed: E3 is Dead, Long Live E3 5:53, Last Call BBS 19:28, Clawee 41:47, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Shredder's Revenge 58:54, Question Bucket 1:10:47, Outro and Announcements 1:21:27.

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