'Stranger Things' Is Too Long, Convoluted, And We Don't Care

Waypoint+ listeners have a chance to discover what it's like when Patrick and Rob eat the television equivalent of candy.
An image from the TV show Stranger Things
Image courtesy of Netflix

You might not be shocked to learn Patrick loves Netflix’s Stranger Things. But could you have guessed Rob has also been hanging out in the Upside Down these past few years?

With the most recent season—including that whopper of a two-and-a-half-hour finale that was really a normal episode with a LOTR-style epilogue—now concluded, Rob and Patrick felt it was time to dig into a show they think is often mediocre but always tremendously fun. Also, Patrick gets to explain to Rob what “vecnussy” is.

You can listen to the first ten minutes of this Waypoint + episode below, or subscribe at WaypointPlus.com for access to the full episode and all our other episodes. I, for one, think we should watch Predator next.