This story is over 5 years old.

Jai Paul, Pictured for the First Time in Years, in a Real Estate Magazine

The elusive British musician and his brother just bought a massive creative space in London to house their Paul Institute project.

Who would've thought it? The first time we hear from Jai Paul in years and it appears on a website about property development. Because of copyright law we can't post the actual picture but click on through here to see the elusive British musician standing in the mud, replete with a hi-vis jacket and a hard hat.

Obviously writing such an image up as a news story has more in line with a gossip website than a genuine music site (Katie Holmes looks happy at NYFW; Aaron Carter seems healthy! etc) but Paul has always been a musician to stoke the flames of the music press with little more than a flutter of the hand. Having only released two singles in a career that's somehow lasted six years, he's become something of a unicorn. All we know of him are projects that've come about, then fallen away.

The latest of these – and the reason for the news story in Property Week – is to do with his label, The Paul Institute. Set-up with his brother AK Paul and Muz Azar, the Paul Institute too has barely released anything – just the one track "Landcruisin'" by AK Paul. But the purchase of this new space is likely to change their output since it would be ridiculous to buy a 3,000 square foot building – which apparently used to house a "BBC discotheque" – and not do anything at all with. Then again, who knows? Listen to "Landcruisin'" below.