Google Docs Is Fixed, Back to Work Everyone

The cloud-based word processing program was serving some users "Error 502" messages Wednesday afternoon.
November 15, 2017, 9:09pm
Image: Screenshot/Google

Update 4:30 PM: Google docs is back up guys.

While trying to get some work done Wednesday afternoon, I noticed that Google Docs wasn't working. At first I thought this was a "me" problem, but after consulting some of my peers, as well as the users of, I realized that the cloud-based word processing program was in fact down for a number of users. Down Detector is reporting problems across the United States.

When I (and other Motherboard employees) tried to load several different Google Docs, the pages were unable to render. After several seconds, a message indicating that "Error 502" had occurred appeared.

"The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request," the message read. The message also said to re-try the request in 30 seconds, but even after waiting several minutes, the pages still would not load. Google is aware of the issue. This is the second time in recent weeks that users have been unable to access their Google Docs files due to an unintentional error.

In the meantime, I think everyone should go home. Perhaps this is a message from God, or aliens on a distant planet, or Google's engineers, that we have done enough work today.

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