Harmony Korine Talks About the Inspiration Behind His Movie 'Kids'

The filmmaker opened up about capturing the world of "oblivion seekers" for his 1995 film on the season finale of 'EPICLY LATER'D.'
October 25, 2017, 4:20pm

On Wednesday, VICELAND closes out its season of EPICLY LATER'D with filmmaker Harmony Korine. After dropping out of college to become a professional skateboarder in the early 90s, Korine went on to make his first film Kids, a gritty look at the life of New York City teenagers during the AIDS crisis.

On the season finale of the VICELAND show, Korine explains that he wanted to make a movie that "felt more like eavesdropping" and "stolen moments" from the world he inhabited as a teenager. The result ended up being a film that blurred the lines of reality and fiction, from the fight scenes that were based on real smackdowns, to the actual drug use on set.

"It was more of a thing of like living a life that was away from your parents and away from convention, and most everyone had broken homes and stuff," Korine said. "The movie was mostly trying to show that world and… oblivion seekers."

You can catch the season finale of EPICLY LATER'D Wednesday at 10 PM on VICELAND. Find out how to tune in here.