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Til the Wheels Fall Off Featured Bands, Buddies and Floating Goon Sacks

Luca Brasi's annual Tasmanian music fest has turned into a weekend long party.

For the last four years Luca Brasi have been throwing a party in their hometown of Launceston. Til the Wheels Fall Off is their excuse for inviting friends and favourite bands to come party with them over a weekend.

The lineup this year included Melbourne punks The Bennies, and Camp Cope, alongside Bad//Dreems, Endless Heights, Ruby Fields, Lincoln Le Fevre & The Insiders, Maddy Jane, Jess Locke, and Dear Seattle, Milhouse, and of course Luca Brasi.


As Tye and Pat from the band explain, "Over the last couple years the festival has escalated like crazy, with venue upgrades and complete sell outs in a matter of days. We are super stoked to have a platform that allows us to show off Australian talent, and holding 'Wheels in Launceston is a way to celebrate the local bands and music fans, while also saying thanks. Tassie is so close to our hearts and we are ridiculously proud and honoured to be able to run the festival."

There is also floating goon sacks.

It's pretty easy to have a sick time and party without being a total horrible dickhead.

We rip apart the venue we hire for the weekend and custom fit the whole lot. It always seems like we're killing it with time, so we go do fun stuff like go out for vodka raspberries and curry. Once again we were literally finishing the room when doors opened.

Maddy Jane is a total lord, it's so awesome to be able to showcase our mates bands that are killing it, especially when they're Tassie natives.

There's always something special about playing shows in Tassie, it's pretty rare these days but we're forever grateful for how good it always is.

Dear Seattle are legends are killing it right now. We got to spend some time with them and they were endlessly stoked on Tassie; our other favourite part about putting 'Wheels on is getting to show off how special this place is.

IV League are a killer band who are coming up strong right now. It means a lot to us to be able to bring these great bands down to Tassie for the first time.


Zero comment. It's hard to put a finger on what is happening at 'Wheels' some times.

Tyler's nephew Will comes along to the matinee shows and hangs out and just is a legend in general! A community vibe was always the aim and 'Wheels really feels like that.

Ruby Fields slays it so hard, she also got fully around the Brasi DJ Set at about 5 am Sunday morning with a stunning vocal performance on a Rage Against the Machine track.

The classic finger point and floating goon sack.

The Bennies were a fairly obvious choice for the closer on the last night. The sea of recycling we waded through the next morning to clean up after that was something to see/smell.

"The Wedding Pingers" are a supergroup of members from bands on this year's bill. Covering such classics as "Footloose" and "Dancing on the ceiling" things got pretty real on the dance floor.