Shirtless Woman Arrested On Top of Crane

Just another normal day in Toronto.
Emergency crews work to get a woman out of a construction crane cab on Toronto's waterfront. Photo by Canadian Press/Victoria Ahearn

Late last April, Toronto awoke to news that a young woman was stuck in a crane towering above the increasingly condo construction-filled city. Today, like déjà vu, yet another woman was found hanging out on a construction crane near Toronto’s waterfront, the Toronto Star reports.

Today’s crane woman, who was reportedly shirtless at the time of the incident, was arrested this morning. Authorities responded to a 6:30 AM call near Lake Shore Boulevard West and Dan Leckie Way; two hours later, the woman was brought back to the ground in handcuffs and a grey shirt.


“She was about 140 to 150 feet up with no safety equipment, no harness, so she was in danger,” Toronto fire District Chief William Bygrave told reporters. Bygrave said the woman is believe to be in her 20s. Police have yet to identify her.

The woman who was found in the cab portion of a crane perched on a nine-storey building in Toronto today reportedly did not come down easily. "It did take awhile," Bygrave said, "At first she wasn't too compliant."

Marisa Lazo, Toronto’s original crane woman, pleaded guilty in to two counts of mischief in December. She also became a meme.

“I climbed to the top of the tower to see the view and take pictures. I thought it would make me feel more alive and would be exciting,” Lazo, a 23-year-old college student, told a Toronto court in December.

“Climbing that crane was a terrible idea, it was a terrible mistake. I’m ashamed and embarrassed and did not see all the harm that I caused," she said.

Lazo was given an absolute discharge in December.