A literal Nazi could get elected to Congress. This GOP lawyer wants to stop him.

Republicans are so worried that Sen. Ted Cruz has been urging Illinois residents to vote Democrat.
August 8, 2018, 3:50pm

A Republican lawyer is mounting a write-in campaign in Chicago to make sure a literal Nazi doesn’t become a U.S. congressman.

Arthur Jones, whose campaign website calls the Holocaust the “biggest, blackest, lie in history,” ran unopposed in March after previously running, and losing, on five other occasions.

So, in an effort to give Illinois conservatives a third option somewhere between Democrat and Nazi, Justin Hanson, an attorney and former Congressional aide, decided to start a write-in campaign.


"I'm running because I don't believe men like Art Jones should be allowed to go unchallenged," Hanson told Politico. "I'm running to give residents of this community a choice. Because as it stands now, they don't have one."

Republicans are so worried about Jones, whose own party even calls him a “Nazi,” that Sen. Ted Cruz urged Illinois residents to vote Democrat to make sure Jones doesn’t make his way into Congress.

The Democrat in the race, Rep. Dan Lipinski, has held the seat in the House since 2005 after he replaced his father, who served for 11 terms, on the ballot.

Lipinski’s district is considered a safe one, and he will likely retain his seat in the House. Still, his race is not without its own challenges: some prominent Democrats have already come out against him for not being progressive enough.

Cover image: In this Feb. 2, 2018 photo from a video frame grab shows Arthur Jones. Jones, an outspoken Holocaust denier is likely to appear on the November ballot as the Republican nominee for a Chicago-area congressional district. (Marcus DiPaola/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)