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Rihanna Is Getting a Street in Barbados Named After Her

The least she deserves, if you ask me.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Musician, make-up mogul, philanthropist, and all-round good egg Rihanna rightfully receives a lot of plaudits, from Grammys to humanitarian awards. However, there's one that has eluded her so far, though she'll reportedly be in receipt of it soon: a street name.

A local newspaper for Rihanna's hometown of St. Michael has announced that the city's Westbury New Road will be renamed Rihanna Drive (enjoying that they also swapped out the boring 'Road' for the much more swagged-out 'Drive.') The change will come into effect from November 30, which is Barbados' Independence Day, and Rihanna will attend a naming ceremony in the city, also at the end of November.

Rihanna is very slowly taking over every important industry in the world, so a street naming just feels like another stepping stone to global domination. And, to be real, I for one welcome our fluffy slider-designing, hospital-building, wine glass-liberating overlord.

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