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Yung Lean Sounds As Bouncy As a Spring Lamb on “Hunting My Own Skin”

He's also shared news of his next album 'Stranger,' due November 10.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Photo by Zak Arogundade via PR

Yung Lean's output in recent times has been varied and sporadic, so it's actually quite surprising that he's shared details of an IRL studio album, due to drop on 10 November. Stranger will be a 14-track long affair, and "Red Bottom Sky," released earlier this month, looks to have been its first single (it's included on the album's tracklisting), and this may well signal that Lean is eyeing the mainstream more than ever with this new project.


Today, because he is a generous Scandi-rapper, Lean's shared another new track from Stranger which backs up this theory. "Hunting My Own Skin" is bouncy, free-and-easy trap-lite, and sees him at his most carefree maybe ever. It's a sound that works, and if this and "Red Bottom Sky" are anything to go on. Lean could have a commercial hit on his hands before the year is out yet. Hear it below.

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