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Enjoy This Glorious Footage of Princess Nokia Throwing Hot Soup at a Racist

It's pretty delicious.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

As well as being a speedily rising rap star, Princess Nokia is also a dealer of vigilante justice. Today, she claimed responsibility for throwing hot soup in the face of a racist prick on a subway train, before kicking him off said train with other commuters. The incident was captured on video, which she shared, with the question "Any other racists wanna try us again?" As you can imagine, it's pretty delicious to see. Observe:


It's difficult to know exactly what about this is best. Obviously the guy's abusive language is a pretty hard watch, but the passengers' united response is heartening, and at a time when it can feel like racists are being emboldened online and by those in political power, it's really helpful to see that people aren't standing for it. Anti-racist, pro-soup is a political model I can get behind, especially when it's led by Princess Nokia.

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