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Justin Bieber Claims He Made Marilyn Manson Relevant, Manson Calls Him a "Piece of Shit"

The war of the T-shirts has reached its breaking point.
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Wasn't it just last year when people were arguing about if metal culture was being co-opted by rappers and pop stars wearing torn-up band tees? Have we learned nothing? Apparently not. Justin Bieber was among the first to be known for adopting the stylings of extreme metal and hardcore, and he came under fire for doing so in 2016. Among his most famous 'fits were several that were inspired by or featured Marilyn Manson, some of which he sold as his own merch. As a new interview by Consequence of Sound shows, Manson himself was not only displeased with this, but made those feelings known to Bieber himself.


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In the excerpt from a forthcoming interview with Manson, the Antichrist Superstar (Bieber is very chill with the Lord our God, so his association with Manson makes little sense when you think about it) says that he first met Bieber while the latter was wearing a Manson tee, and that Biebs told Manson "I made you relevant again." He instantly took his revenge in a complex, petty scheme.

"The next day I told him I'd be at his soundcheck at Staples Center to do 'Beautiful People'," Manson recounts, at which point Bieber confessed that the t-shirt "was his idea." Manson never intended to perform with Bieber, but "he believed that I'd show up, because he was that stupid."

Manson calls Bieber "a real piece of shit in the way he had the arrogance to say that" and somewhat gloats about the fact that he eventually got all the profits from Bieber's plagiarized merch. It's worth it to note that Manson does not hate all the kids, as he's a noted fan of his disciple Lil Uzi Vert. You can find the full interview excerpt here.

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