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Facebook Live Stream Shows Hong Kong Police Shoot a Protester

The masked man can be seen lying on the ground with blood around him.
November 11, 2019, 4:24am
hong kong shooting streamed
A video grab taken from Cupid News on November 11, 2019 shows a police man (L) shooting a pro-democracy protester (C) during a protest in Sai Wan Ho district, in Hong Kong. Laurent FIEVET / Cupid News / AFP.

Another anti-government protester in Hong Kong has been shot by the police with a live round during a rally in the Sai Wan Ho district this morning. The incident was broadcast live on Facebook and took place during rush hour, as many were on their way to work.

The video shows a police officer grappling with a masked man at a road crossing, when another man approaches them. The officer reacts by shooting the second man in the torso. This is followed by the sound of more bullets fired, but it is not seen if these hit anyone.

The man who was shot can be seen lying on the ground with his eyes open, but with blood around him. His identity is still unknown.

The clash occurred after protesters blocked a junction using barricades, as part of a rally in response to the death of a 22-year-old student on Friday. He fell from a parking garage during protests last Monday, Al Jazeera reported.

Today's protest caused a traffic jam in the area, as well as other parts of the city where similar demonstrations were held. Police had warned protesters to stop, but rallies pushed through, the BBC reported.

This is the third time a demonstrator was hit by live rounds from the police since the pro-democracy protests started in June. The first time was when an 18-year-old student was shot in the chest on October 1, amid events that celebrated 70 years of communist rule in China.

The second case saw a teenage boy getting shot in the leg on October 4, during a protest against anti-mask laws in Yuen Long.

The latest shooting in Sai Wan Ho is expected to heighten existing tensions.

This is just the latest incident in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy rallies that started in June, when protesters stood up against an extradition bill that would allow suspected criminals to be tried in China. The bill has since been scrapped, but demonstrations have turned into a larger pro-democracy movement.

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