Kanye May Not Be at Fault for that Fyre Fest-Like $55 'Brunchella' Disaster

The much-decried brunch at Kanye's 'Sunday Service' included a pair of pancakes, two anemic strips of bacon, and a sausage patty on a styrofoam plate.
Kanye May Not Be at Fault for that Fyre Fest-Like $55 'Brunchella' Disaster
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"Duck Dynasty's Korie Robertson Snaps Amazing Pic at Kanye's 'Sunday Service'" isn't a news item that anyone on this planet could've ever predicted, not as a joke, not during the most acid-driven mid-'10s Cards Against Humanity game, not even by the fully omniscient writers of ''The Simpsons."

But we're in the final weeks of 2019, when nothing makes sense anymore, when words don't mean anything, and a Kanye West concert is covered from start-to-finish by the Christian Broadcasting Network. On Friday night, West took his 'Sunday Service' on the road, making an appearance at the Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and performing songs from his latest release, Jesus is King.


Although some attendees had some pretty standard complaints about the show—West took the stage a couple of hours late, the VIP section was shit, the pre-concert playlist was on endless repeat—the biggest head-shaker was the $55 "Brunchella" that was served at the event.

According to The Daily Mail, West wasn't paid for the concert, and he had nothing to do with the food, but it still didn't look like a $55 meal. One attendee posted a picture of what she'd been served—a pair of pancakes, two anemic strips of bacon, and a sausage patty on a styrofoam plate—and said she wanted a refund. "Can y'all cover a story on this because I want my coins back," concert attendee Kimberly Kinchen asked, tagging a local news station. "This is the wonderful & COLD brunch BUFFET we are being served."

Social media saw Kinchen's sad tableau and immediately made connections to Fyre Fest's infamously awful-looking cheese sandwich. "Looks like Ye’s #Brunchella turned out to be BrunchFromHella smh," one woman wrote. "They need to be ashamed. Those pale sausage patties and stiff pancakes looked like they went straight from the freezer to the microwave […] #YeezyFyreFest."

In a Facebook post, Lauryn's Fine Catering addressed the controversy, saying that the event's organizers were the one who set that $55 brunch price, and that they weren't even asked to participate in the 2,000-person VIP event until "28 hours" before it took place. "While we typically do not fulfill large, full-service orders with less than a month’s notice, we chose to assist the organizers whom we believed to be affiliated with Kanye’s team at an incredibly reduced rate," the caterer wrote. "Our company additionally provided staffing, tables, and linens at little or no cost."

The company also acknowledged that the meal might not have been "what the guests had envisioned," and that due to the 35-degree outdoor temperatures, it was difficult to keep the food hot. "It has been our primary focus for the past twenty years to provide top notch service to our guests," Lauryn's wrote. "It is our hope that the multiple compliments we received from event guests outweigh the negative experiences received from circumstances outside of our control."

For what it's worth, that Duck Dynasty chick had a great time. "Straight up night of praise and worship with joy, humility, thankfulness, bold faith and power," she wrote on Instagram. "His name was lifted high in this place. Yes, God, more of this."

But maybe a slightly better breakfast next time, God?