Yeah, But...

Listen to the New Series of Our Podcast 'Yeah, But It's Not as Simple as That'

The first episode asks whether middle-class people need to get better at integrating.
April 5, 2018, 8:45am
Someone greatly enjoying our new podcast. Photo: pxhere/CC0 Public Domain

Alright, here's an easy question: did you know VICE UK has a podcast about difficult questions?

If you answered yes – well, congratulations, you're probably already a subscriber to Yeah, But It's Not as Simple as That, the show that ponders the absurdities of everyday life, from break-ups to Brexit, and probes seemingly complicated dilemmas.

If you answered no, don't worry, because series three has just started and you can listen to the first episode below, in which journalist Poppy Noor talks to three generations of people living in a single community in Leyton, and asks: do middle-class people need to learn how to integrate?

If you answered "this is confusing", you're getting it. The podcast is based on the principle that even seemingly straightforward questions have complicated answers – and that through documentary, discussion and interviews we can try to better understand the questions we all ask ourselves.

Coming up this series, we explore how you can go to prison without breaking a law, find out the real reason teenagers are going out less, and create a new game show in which an insomniac, a dyspraxic and someone with allergy to sunlight compete to see who has the worst thing

You can also check some of the older episodes – which feature stories about Instagram addiction, awkward break-ups and the secret legalisation of weed, as well as contributions from MIA, Marina Abramovic, Novelist and Alastair Campbell – right here.

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