Watch Donald Trump come clean — crystal clean

A mashup of President Trump's obsession with cleanliness

Donald Trump is coming clean.

He’s going to “clean out” and “clean up.” It will be “swept up.” We can “scrub it.” Whatever it takes to be “the cleanest”

Trump’s obsession with cleanliness has been well-documented long before his foray into politics and it’s a trait he’s brought with him into his new job. He’s often stated his passion for “crystal clean” water, and promised to “clean up” everything from “the system” at large to the immigration system. But Trump’s favorite clean trope is “clean coal.”

Perhaps it should be little surprise that when Trump performed the tasks of his hotel staff in Chicago, as a stunt for Oprah, his favorite job was “housekeeping.”

Watch our compilation of Trump’s obsession with cleanliness below. As always no clips in this video are repeats.

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