Ghostly Photos of Decaying Industry in Rural New Zealand
All images: Tom Teutenberg

Ghostly Photos of Decaying Industry in Rural New Zealand

The freezing works close, people leave and nature moves in.
April 18, 2018, 3:47am

Photographer Tom Teutenberg captures the remnants of abandoned industry: freezing works, meat processing plants, and whaling relics. The long-standing rural town money-makers which he says “were booming and just died”.

Travelling around the East Coast: Gisborne, Tokomaru Bay, Waipaoa, he’s also captured along the way what else is lost when those key industries fade: the banks, post offices, old high-streets turned empty.


Teutenberg grew up in Gisborne, and has known some of the buildings—especially the old freezing works—since childhood. “As long as I can remember they’ve been abandoned,” he says.

“So it’s almost creepy—but quite beautiful as well.”

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