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Chromeo's New Song with DRAM Is Such a Weird Thing to Hear in 2018

"Must've Been" sounds like "Get Lucky" Top 40 fodder but is also about being very off your face??
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Chromeo have provided details of their upcoming record: it's called Head Over Heels, and will be released on 15 June. Aw yea. Love that sunny electro-funk. Catch me shimmying and wiggling all over the shop come June. Along with that announcement, the duo have also released a new track, called "Must've Been," which is quite weird but in a good way, probably.

The track has the same tight, funk-style guitars as Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," and it features DRAM who is right at home on its bright beat, and it is about weed and being so high that you don't remember meeting someone. It also sounds like the sort of thing that would end up on the Radio 1 A-list, which your mum would hum along to as she's driving; or something that would soundtrack one of the weird slow-motion bits on Love Island or Ex on the Beach when they're having a party that isn't a party and is actually just a night shoot where the participants are made to dance to no music for approx 2 hours. By this I mean: it's very "family friendly" in a Pharrell way, and it's also about getting really stoned. All bases covered – what more could you want? Listen above and do some chair dancing

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