Watch Cupid Shoot Down Trump Supporters in Surfbort's "Les Be in Love" Video

Watch the Brooklyn punks bring pansexual love to bigots and corporate stooges in their new video, featuring a cameo from Gibby Haynes.
March 27, 2018, 7:00pm
Cheryl Georgette

I first encountered Surfbort through a T-shirt, specifically this lovely screen-printed "Trump Is My Sex Slave/Abort Trump" number making the rounds in the months before the November 2016 election. My 93-year-old grandmother clutched it proudly on election night, waving it angrily at the orange man-child on the screen, and this should give you a pretty good sense of the Brooklyn four piece's spirit.


Merch aside, their music is pretty damn good, too, as they proved with some much-hyped sets at SXSW. It's some good ol' visceral punk mischief here to remind us that there's often no better way to topple the powers that be than with humor, love, and a lot of noise.

Take, for example, the band's new video for "Les Be in Love"—Surfbort's first release with Cult Records—which sees frontperson Dani Miller donning Cupid's bow and arrow to have at bigots and corporate stooges. It's a delightfully reckless tune and video, all throaty yelps and feedback, made all the more so by a cameo Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes. Here's what the group tells Noisey about it:

As 2018 America lumbers under the yoke of an administration hellbent on pumping fear and division to create a corporate ice age, a pansexual Cupid flies high above the metropolis raining arrows of love down on its inhabitants, melting the ice that divides them and igniting their ability to love each other across all superficial divides. "Les Be in Love" is our anthem, a call to arms to begin the love revolution, climb to the highest prop tear it down and let it drop. It reminds us that love, humor, magic, and the human sitting next to you are the only antidote to the capitalist hellscape.

Check out Surfbort's video for "Les Be in Love" and upcoming show dates below.

April 12th at Elsewhere w/ A Place to Bury Strangers
On tour with POW! Apr 19-26
April 19th - TBA - San Diego
April 20th - Non Plus Ultra - Los Angeles
April 21st - Warehouse show - San Fran
April 22nd - House show - Nevada City
April 23rd - Mississippi Studios - Portland
April 24th - Sunset Tavern - Seattle
April 26th - TBA - Oakland
May 1st at Rough Trade w/ Dream Wife Band - NYC
June 6th at Elsewhere w/ The Voidz - Brooklyn

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