Watch: Aussie Scores Incomprehensible Scorpion Kick Golazo

Newcastle Jets FC midfielder Riley McGree got an ankle on the ball in a purely bewitching way.
Screen capture via Twitter/@ALeague

Just when you thought you've seen all of the ways to score a goal, some Australian walks into your life and turns things upside down. Riley McGree, of Newcastle Jets FC, was delivered a pass that trailed him by nearly a yard, so he just reacted instinctively by flicking his heel. And good lord, did it create one of the more spectacular goals you've ever seen.

Behold the wonderment:

If there were a precedent for such a thing, you'd say that everything was perfect about this execution. But since nothing quite like this has ever really happened, you can only just say that it was perfect for what it was. Because good goddamn. That flick, the posture, the balance, the arc of the ball. The announcer was spot on by asking, "have you seen a more freakish goal in A-League history?" But perhaps A-League is limiting the range of its superlativeness.