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Oneohtrix Point Never's New Ballad "Black Snow" Is Creepy as Fuck

The first single from 'Age Of' features ANOHNI, along with production assistance by James Blake and a typically strange video.

After teasing his new album Age Of with cryptic videos and some truly incredible album art, Oneohtrix Point Never has released the record's first single, "Black Snow." The song bizarrely sounds like a sickly, desiccated version of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me," with fellow experimentalist ANOHNI singing a gentle melody through Auto-Tune. The accompanying, self-directed video honestly adds a lot to the track's latent menace, with a demonic man placed in a set of surreal scenarios involving old personal computers (duh, it's OPN), dancers, and rings of fire as distortion subtly overtakes the music.


A press release states that "Black Snow" is inspired by the Cybernetic Cult Research Unit, a 90s art collective whose work "is most definitely worth a late-night internet spiral or two," and also seeks to conflate "the incomprehensible hugeness of nuclear war to UHF fuzz, whilst addressing the idea that we are a species destined for confusion." All in a day's work for Daniel Lopatin, basically. The release also notes that James Blake mixed and provided additional production on Age Of, so we're in for the most glorious kind of electronic fuckery. Watch and listen to "Black Snow" above.

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