Laura Jean Trades Folk for Dreamy New-Age Pop on "Touchstone"

Laura Jean's new song marks a change in aesthetics for the much-loved folk auteur.

Melbourne's Laura Jean has become known for a certain kind of record. She makes quiet, beautiful folk albums that channel grey Australian winters and tell quiet stories of domesticity. Or at least, she made them. Her new single "Touchstone," which we're premiering above, is distinctly different than anything Jean has made before. It's a rich, dreamy pop cut designed to soundtrack romantic teen reveries and bleary spring mornings. Built around synths that sound like they were found in Suzanne Ciani's archives, "Touchstone" doesn't build or waver; instead, it just calmly and coolly washes over you.


The song is taken from Devotion, Jean's new album, released June 8th on Chapter Music. "Devotion is about how a lonely coastal childhood filters into a contemporary adult life," says Jean of the record. "I wrote this album for my mum, middle sister and myself as we were at that time—eccentric, romantically-unfulfilled teens and a stressed out single mum trying to have a love life."

Devotion is out June 8th on Chapter Music.

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