Sorry Have a Weird and Beautiful Visual Mixtape for You All
Photo by Holly Whitaker via PR

Sorry Have a Weird and Beautiful Visual Mixtape for You All

We're premiering the grungy London band's nine-track 'Home Demo(ns) Vol. II' release. It's great.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Have you lot heard of band Sorry yet? If you haven’t, here are some basic facts: There are four of them (Asha, Louis, Lincoln and Campbell), they’re in their early 20s and they’re loosely affiliated with other new (but now not so new) south London guitar bands like Shame and Goat Girl. Most importantly, though, they’re really fucking good. They write songs about romance and boredom and feelings in a way that’s understated but also full of depth. Their songs are lo-fi and off-kilter, but with melodies buried beneath and tied together with wry, sometimes heartbreaking turns of phrase—see: "Ten feet down and temperamental / Said I wouldn't, but I went still / for your mouth / For your mouth" on past single "Lies." Their visuals are often homemade and kind of freaky, but also beautiful and easy. Kind of like an adult version of all the weird, creative shit you used to get up to as a kid when it was raining outside on a Sunday and you had to improvise.


All of which is to say: we’ve got a treat for you, because today we’re premiering a 23-minute visual mixtape of theirs called Home Demo(ns) Vol. II, co-produced by Flo Webb. This is the second of it’s kind (Home Demo(ns) Vol. I came out at the end of last year) and it’s similar in length and style, with a bunch of new, unreleased tracks stitched over some DIY vids that follow the band from the shower to the garden to the snowy streets outside. “The themes just came together by things we had, found or cheap props we bought,” Sorry wrote Noisey in an email. “We try and just make scenarios around what we have and its fun to film your friends—they are strong characters in themselves to watch. Some of the clips we take have no purpose and were taken at random points but its cool to see something transform into something meaningful when added into the video. Hope y’all enjoy and see the small things too."

So yeah, watch the video above and scroll down to read the full tracklisting. Let us know if you find the small things.

  • Moment
  • Tearz
  • Battles
  • Manic
  • Winta
  • Lying Next To Me In Despair
  • Western
  • Blue
  • Ballin' Hard For U

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