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A Woman Found Her ‘Missing’ Husband in a TikTok Video

El hombre llevaba tres años desaparecido hasta que su mujer lo descubrió en un vídeo de TikTok acompañado de una mujer trans.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
translated by Mario Abad
Una mujer encuentra a su marido desaparecido en TikTok
Foto: captura de pantalla del hombre y la mujer trans con la que salía, tomada de un vídeo del canal de YouTube Tollywood Nagar (izquierda) y Shutterstock (derecha)

TikTok may be a spying platform or a death trap for some. But for one woman in Tamil Nadu, India, the short video-making app was the reason she found her husband, who had been ‘missing’ for three years.

After he last saw his wife Jayapradha and two kids in 2016, the man named Suresh never returned home. His family endlessly searched for him with no luck and even filed a complaint with the police, but on not being traced, he was declared as ‘lost’. Except just recently, the wife’s relative saw a man in a TikTok video that bore an uncanny resemblance to Suresh. She showed the video to Jayapradha, who immediately recognised him. It was only after the police tracked him down in the city of Hosur in Tamil Nadu that the whole truth came tumbling out.

Turns out, the man had actually abandoned his family because he felt that certain household issues were unsolvable, and fled to Hosur, where he began a relationship with someone else. It was this woman who posted the video with him that ultimately led to his wife and the cops tracking him down.

The police have now counselled the husband-wife duo, who have decided to stay together despite the circumstances. "We asked him whether he wanted to go back to his wife and kids,” a policeman involved in the incident told News Minute. “He agreed. Therefore, we sent the couple back."

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