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An Ex-Convict in Chennai Stole a Bike to Go Back to Jail Because He Missed the Food

He also just wanted to catch up with some old prison buddies.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Man steals bike to go back to jail because he missed the food
Photo via Pixabay

While being thrown into the slammer sucks for some, others see it as an escape from an otherwise monotonous life. At least that’s what this former prisoner who was out on bail seems to believe.

Gnanaprakasam, a 52-year-old from Chennai, India, had been imprisoned in Puzhal jail for three months after he was caught for theft. He was released on bail on June 29 and allowed to go home to his wife and kids, which should’ve made him feel ecstatic after being held in a lock-up. Except, this guy got so used to jail amenities and living his best prison life that he deliberately stole a bike and petrol and made sure he was captured on CCTV footage just to go back. And according to what he told the police, it’s because he missed the food and his prison friends.


“He said he missed prison food,” police officer ACP P Asokan told The Times of India.

“Obviously he was not very happy at home as his family didn’t take care of him.” The former convict explained that after he got out, his family members kept calling him "lazy". He said that he missed the guarantee of getting three meals a day. He also got a lot of FOMO for the new friends he made while being imprisoned and wanted to catch up with them. So, he spent a desperate few days doing everything he could to get arrested before he was apprehended for stealing the bike.

Now, much to his relief, the guy is heading back to Puzhal jail and will soon be reunited with his prison mates and preferred cuisine.

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