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Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, May 2019

Welcome to Taurus season, Cancer!
May 1, 2019, 12:19am

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This is a fantastically social time of year for you, dear Cancer, and you’re dreaming up big ideas for your future. Mercury finds you especially busy in your career, having important meetings with powerful people, especially on May 1 when the communication planet clashes with Saturn (watch out for some grumpiness today in your relationships, and harness the energy to get a lot done at work), and when it squares off with Pluto on May 2. Mercury's square with Pluto is trickier: You may get the inside scoop on something especially juicy, but watch out for shady behavior and jealousy at work and in your relationships. Power is an important theme at the start of the month, and you will certainly be doing a lot of talking about it. Mercury’s connection with Mars on May 1 boosts your energy (and your intuition!), and Mercury’s connection with lucky Jupiter on May 2 creates an abundant and productive vibe.

But back to your social life: May 4 brings the new moon in Taurus and a fresh start in your friendships and the groups, associations, and communities you belong to. A new circle of friends is coming your way! Emotionally, this new moon is a powerful time to meditate on your hopes and dreams for the future. Create a vision board—your powers of manifestation are heightened! Just remember that things are so new right now that you might feel a little in the dark—but that's OK! Use this time to rest and daydream, not plow forward. Mars opposes Jupiter on May 5, which will find you eager to tackle your to-do list and get moving, but you need to strike a good balance between rest and productivity.


May 6 finds communication planet Mercury entering grounded earth sign Taurus, helping you connect with the right people. However, not everyone is having an easy time getting along: Venus clashes with Saturn on May 7, creating a chilly atmosphere in your relationships—this is an important time to stay mature and responsible. The energy begins to shift on May 8 when Mercury meets brilliant Uranus, bringing you major eureka moments and introducing you to some unexpected and eccentric people. Also on May 8, the sun connects with Neptune, creating a lovely energy for sharing ideas and trying new things. Luck flows at work as Venus mingles with Jupiter on May 9—but watch out for power struggles in your relationships as Venus clashes with Pluto on this day. While this could make for some intense, passionate lovemaking, you need to be alert about shady behavior, jealousy, and possessiveness. Love is about support, not being smothered.

Supportive energy flows as the sun connects with Saturn on May 11, inspiring maturity and responsibility in your relationships. This is a great time to connect with a mentor or discuss commitments. Power is on your mind again as the sun connects with Pluto on May 13—this is a phenomenal time to join forces with someone, and you will feel especially confident and in control. Is power best when it’s shared? Who should be in charge? These are questions on your mind, dear crab. A fun, bright energy flows as Venus connects with Mars on May 14, helping to keep the atmosphere light during what could be a very profound period for deepening connections and sorting out responsibilities.

Venus enters Taurus, Mercury connects with Neptune, and Mars enters your sign on May 15! Venus in Taurus bring blessings to your friendships, and also finds you valuing your intellectual connections with others—yes, you love a hottie, but someone you can talk about politics, culture, and philosophy is what would really turn you on at this time! Chatty Mercury’s connection with psychic Neptune boosts your own intuition and finds you having some very deep conversations. Mars enters your sign, bringing just the boost of energy you need—but watch out, since people might find you more confrontational than usual! In any case, this is a great time to reassess your goals. Planning commitments, getting work done, and creating a structure for any of the brilliant ideas you've been brewing up flows as Mercury connects with Saturn on May 16.

Transformative connections and conversations take place on May 18, when Mercury connects with Pluto, Venus meets Uranus, and the full moon in Scorpio lands. Expect to be eager to do your own thing—you’re craving freedom and independence. As you connect with new circles of friends, you want the flexibility to dip in and out of parties without having to babysit your wallflower pals (or have to explain the antics of your wilder buds). Drama that has been brewing in your social life may boil over. Full moons are always sensitive periods for you, Cancer, and this full moon in Scorpio is no exception. However, it’s also sure to find you in an especially creative zone, and your love life will certainly be hot!

A big energy shift arrives as Gemini season begins on May 21. Mercury enters Gemini and the sun meets Mercury on this day, too. This spells a huge boost in your intuitive ability, and we already know your psychic powers are not to be messed with! This is also a lovely time for dreamwork, meditation, and journaling. Astrologers say that Cancers are moody, and as loving and nurturing as you may be, you also have periods when you need space to be alone—this is one of those times. But that doesn’t mean you'll be hidden away all Gemini season; in fact, you’re likely to be up to some wild antics as action place Mars connects with unruly Uranus on May 22. "Rebel" isn’t a word we usually associate with Cancer, but this month is an exception. Just don’t jump to any conclusions or make hasty decisions on May 29 when Mercury clashes with Neptune. Mercury is all about clarity, but Neptune is the planet of fog. Use this energy to explore your emotions and creativity, to listen to music and read fantasy books—but don’t get mired in paranoid thoughts or heavy, important choices.

On May 30, Venus connects with Neptune, so expect to be a bit lazy and indulgent. Take a break from work if you can! Also on May 30, Mercury opposes Jupiter, which doesn’t bode well for decision-making because you’re foggy on the details. Instead, just observe what’s happening around you, and enjoy the unexpected and inspiring conversations that come your way. A more settled and supportive energy flows on May 31 when Venus connects with Saturn. It’s a great time to connect with people about plans and to discuss commitments with your partners—but don’t expect it to be a super warm mood. It’s all business! Still, that can be super helpful. Not every date with your lover needs to be mushy and romantic; some dates are perfect for planning trips, discussing work you want to do together, or just talking about grown-up stuff without making cutesy voices at each other. Good luck this month, little crab, and see you in June!