Jacobi IV Confronts His Paranoia on "Satellites"

"How much easier is it for you to understand the music if you understand the person who's making it?"
December 14, 2017, 4:00pm
Image by Sean Gardiner

Jacobi IV is getting out of his mind and into his art. After dropping his debut album, Sade House, the Brampton-based artist is ending off the year with the beginning of an artistic anthology he curated titled Intuitive. Each series includes a song, a collection of photos and a video which, together, affords new and old fans alike to get to know him in tandem with his music.

He first decided to release the Fear Pack. “The Fear Pack is one of many emotions I wanna display in effort to get people to, not only fuck with the music, but get a chance to know me as a person,” he explains over email. Now Jacobi IV is ready to release the first video from this Fear Pack called “Satellites.” The song flirts with minimal, hollow production while Jacobi IV bellows his paranoia surrounding the eyes that watch him. In the video, Jacob IV’s silhouette appears as different iterations over various scenic imagery. On occasion, he is beside himself—a metaphoric nod to his internal struggle.


Watch the self-directed video for “Satellites” and read our interview with the artist below:

Noisey: What in particular lead you to curate Intuitive, in terms of your approach?
Jacobi IV: It was emotions I feel and struggle with on a daily basis. I was having trouble connecting my music with people because they didn't understand it so, instead of complaining about that, I decided to explain to them why my music sounds the way it does because everything is off of feel—if I don't feel it, I can't make it. How much easier is it for you to understand the music if you understand the person who's making it? You don't have to like me or music but at least I give you the opportunity to understand where it's coming from.

What other themes do you intend to explore?
The entire series is called Intuitive where I discuss different emotions that I feel effect everyone. The next one I'm gonna be releasing is called Bravado where I speak on being confident in yourself and your abilities—also to don't downplay any moves you're making regardless of how big or small they are. Other ones coming up in the future are: closure, greed, heartbreak and evolution.

How do you use “Satellites” as a means to share how you’ve grappled with your fears?
Staying true to my sound, this being my first single in awhile, I could of used this time to try a very traditional approach and covered what everyone else was doing and what was popular but I stuck to my guns and stayed true to what I wanted to do. I think my biggest fear was not being understood as an artist and not getting the right attention I think I deserved but staying true to what I wanted to do. My art allowed me to realize that you don't have to be a sheep and copy what's popular to get recognized.

Sharine Taylor is a writer based in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter.