The Horoscope Signs of Your Favorite 'Game of Thrones' Characters

We combed through fan theories and consulted staff astrologer Annabel Gat to decipher 'Game of Thrones' characters' horoscope signs and compatibility.

Tonight is the long-awaited series finale of Game of Thrones. While the show's shortest season flew by, much has still been left unanswered: Will fan favorites and resident hotties Daenerys and Jon finally get their incestuous aunt-nephew love affair going? What exactly is Cersei planning? Will Bran ever do anything helpful?

Rather than digging through Reddit theories, we decided to try a different approach, looking to the stars for insight into our favorite Game of Thrones characters. Unlike Tolkien's myriad Middle-earth calendars, the way time is mapped on Planetos is less clear—characters mention "weeks" and "months," but seasons last for variable lengths. Some fans have quoted George R.R. Martin as saying there are "twelve moon turns to a year," but no reliable source has confirmed this. Still, dedicated theorists have mapped their best estimations of characters' birthdays using context clues. (Dany's birthday, for example, was mapped in time because she realized she was pregnant on "her fourteenth name day" in the first book.) We brought these fan-theorized birthdays to Broadly staff astrologer Annabel Gat to get her take on our favorite characters' signs.


Daenerys, Taurus
Fans theorize that Daenerys's birthday is May 10th, which would make the Mother of Dragons a Taurus.

Gat explains that this feels inaccurate because when we think of a typical Taurus, we picture someone laid back and chill. For a Taurus, comfort comes first. "I don't really imagine her sitting around eating chocolates in comfy pajamas," said Gat. "If we are just talking about the basics of Taurus and basics of Daenerys, they just don't really match up."

Comfort-seeking is the last thing anyone would think about Khaleesi. "She's always thinking about her goals and how to be a protector," said Gat. "She's busy freeing people, she's gonna always choose to spend an evening talking to the citizens of her country rather than sitting around and watching a play."

Jon, Leo
Textual evidence places Jon's birthday at August 2, which would make him a Leo. When I tell Gat this, she quickly interjected: "That's really the opposite of what I would assume he is," explaining that "when we think of Leo, they're warm, bright, and usually the life of the party." Life of the party, Jon is not. But Gat added that it might not be entirely impossible for Jon to be a Leo, since they tend to make great leaders and "Jon has taken to leadership very well, even though that's not what he was thinking or planning for."

After careful consideration, Gat declares that Jon is like a hardworking Capricorn. Even better, Capricorn signs fall at the beginning of winter when the first snowfall of the year hits. Makes sense for Jon, who is essentially the wall but in human form.


When it comes to Jon and Dany's astrological compatibility, Gat explained that everyone has a complete and complex birth chart and that chemistry isn't simply based off sun signs. However, what she can say is that if a Taurus and Leo are dating each other, the Taurus (Daenerys) is going to get off the couch a bit more to party with the Leo (Jon), and the Leo will have to get used to not always getting their way. Which makes sense given their imminent future ruling kingdoms together.

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Sansa, Sagittarius
Theories place Sansa's winter birthday on December 5, which would make her a Sagitarius.

"When I think of Sagittarius, I think of someone that is always optimistic and has a vision of what they want to do and where they want to go," said Gat, who said it makes sense that Sansa is a Sag because they're so good at looking at the big picture. "Part of why she has survived so many terrible things is because she can see that this is going to end one day," said Gat. Arya, Pisces
Fans have estimated Arya's birthday as March 16, which would make her a Pisces, but Gat doesn't see it at all. "When I think of Pieces, I think of a dreamer that has a very hard time getting organized," she explained. "That's the last thing I would ever think about Arya," especially given that we all know she has made a to-do list she is very intent on completing.


Pisces are also more lovers than fighters, which is very out of Arya's character. "We all know is that Arya is a fucking assassin," said Gat. "When I think of Arya, she has definitely more of a Scorpio or Aries energy, and knows what barriers she has that she is intent on winning. We don't think of a laidback Pieces."

Bran, Cancer
Bran's July 7th summer birthday would make him a Cancer, which makes complete sense according to Gat. "Cancer is a very protective sign," and Bran's ability to see everything "is a very important form of protection," said Gat.

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Cersei and Jaime, Unknown
In the books, Cersei and Jaime's birthday is never shared. While the incesteous siblings are twins, Gat has a theory that they were actually born on a star sign cusp and that Cersei was born first. "When Cersei was being born, the sun was still in Cancer," said Gat. "But a minute or three ticks by, and by the time Jamie was born, the sun had already entered Leo."

Because of this cusp-birth, Cersei got more of the protector elements of Cancer. "While Cancers are sometimes seen as the soft and sensitive sign, they can also be very warlike," said Gat. "They want to be winning competitions and being in charge." Given this knowledge it makes complete sense that Cersei is a Cancer sign, as she would do literally anything to protect her children. "The crab that symbolizes Cancer has powerful claws and when those claws attach to something, they are not letting go," explained Gat. "Cersei has grabbed onto the Iron Throne with her metaphorical claw, and she is never planning on letting go."

As for Jamie, when we think of Leos, "they're very gallant" said Gat. More specifically, that image is one of a knight in shining armor, with the sun somehow glistening on all sides, reflecting gleams of light into onlookers eyes. "A Leo is going to go into battle and emerge with glory," said Gat. "That's totally Jaime." To add to that, he's also a Lannister lion, with all the regal mythology that comes with it.

Tyrion, Unknown
Tyrion's birthday is also never revealed in the books. However, "Sagittariuses love to read," said Gat. "They love to talk, they love to drink, party, they love to fuck. I can't think of anything that sounds more like Tyrion."