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Hey, Canadians: Why the Fuck Are You Flying the Confederate Flag?

An Ontario man has been fired from his job after flying the racist symbol from his truck.
Source image: Wikipedia Commons | Graphic design by Noel Ransome

A man in Hamilton, Ontario has been fired from his job after flying a confederate flag from his truck on a job site. For reference, Hamilton is about an hour's drive from Toronto, Canada's most diverse city.

Keith Lipiec displayed the flag at a downtown Hamilton construction site on Monday, CBC reports.

"I just wanted to do it for shits and giggles—and if I piss a few people off along the way, then so be it," he told a reporter, refusing to give his name. (He later came forward on Facebook, revealing his name.)


Yoke Group, which owns the job site Lipiec was on while flying the flag, issued a statement on Facebook denouncing what occurred:

"There is zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in our business and on our sites. We were deeply offended by the actions of the rogue temporary employee at our Treble Hall site today."

"We do not condone or support this individual's actions. We encourage freedom of speech but not when it evokes any form of hatred or discrimination."

Though anywhere north of the Mason–Dixon Line would seem to be a more bizarre place to find a flag that some (see: racists) construe as American "southern pride," Lipiec is far from the only Canadian who has made news in recent years for displaying the symbol. A man in Dundas, Ontario—nearby Hamilton—displayed the flag in his yard for decades, refusing to take it down. And in 2015, a Regina, Saskatchewan man filed a complaint with his province's human rights commission over public treatment of the confederate flag, which he cited as a symbol of his heritage.