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The Fender x Supreme Guitar is Funny Actually, You Nerds

I, for one, adore jokes aimed directly at losers online.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Another day, another reason why some dudes online are annoyed at Supreme, a streetwear brand that essentially exists to annoy some dudes online. The people who brought you the branded brick – yes, utterly ridiculous but also kind of a tongue-in-cheek symbol of late capitalism, right? – are back at it again, with a collaboration with the iconic guitar brand, Fender.

The guitar – Fender's iconic Stratocaster model – comes in Supreme's unofficial trademark all-white, with an accompanying case, strap and guitar picks. Mostly, the guitar, which will be included in Supreme's FW17 drop, has been met with disdain (both from the "how DARE they bastardise FENDER?" guys and the "huh haha god imagine ACTUALLY buying this, so lame" guys, typing from behind their MacBook Pros in head-to-toe Patagonia feat. standard fuckboy issue Adidas slides). But I am here to say: sorry but it's actually really funny because it was literally designed to piss off exactly the sort of people who make my eyes roll deep into the back of my head.

Supreme have been trolling for years – their past output has included branded nunchucks, airhorns, incense and hammers – and honestly I am convinced that Fender x Supreme is simply their pièce de résistance in a long career of getting men honked up online. The fact that there are people who will pay an inevitably ridiculous sum to own this item is simply the icing on the cake. Capitalism baby, loves it.

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