Has There Ever Been an Ending So Satisfying You Feel Complete Closure?

I finally finished 'Black Sails' last night and the ending was perfect.
August 11, 2017, 2:48pm
All images courtesy Starz

Spoilers for 'Black Sails' below.

It's not often we experience perfect endings, whether it be video games, TV, movies, or other forms of media we invest time into. My days of wondering when I'll get real closure on another series have come to an end. I've been binge-watching Black Sails, a show about pirates, politics, identity, and romance. As someone who is reluctantly still invested in Game of Thrones, when Black Sails was recommended to me it was an immediate NO. I couldn't see myself having the mental capacity for more bad gore, poorly written politics, and awful sex scenes. I eventually came around, and I am so glad I did.

Black Sails gives you the feeling of being connected to its characters, to the story. Sure, some of the sex scenes are messy, but more importantly, there's sex that appeals to me. Queer sex. When it was first revealed one of the main characters was gay and another bi, I was ecstatic. I didn't feel baited, I was genuinely interested.

The show's final episodes had me on the edge of my seat, crying, laughing, praying they didn't take the remaining amazing characters away from me. When I watched the last episode last night, I was shocked. We're trained to expect the worst from our media, and we're rarely given endings that we hope for. The ending of Black Sails was everything I'd hoped for. The characters I'd been rooting for the entire show came out victorious. I felt closure with this series, and it's been a while since I've felt that.

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