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Holy Shit, Listen to Drake and Bad Bunny's Joyous New Single "MIA"

Drizzy hops on "MIA" with Bad Bunny and the result is everything you expected.
Queens, US

Drake has never been shy about exploring other cultures through his music and he's not slowing down now. In his first collaboration with Latin trap star Bad Bunny, "MIA" the Toronto native is singing his heart out in Spanish. Between the two megastars, "MIA" evokes the slow churn of a sensual body roll, and the two pace themselves perfectly on the track. Bad Bunny strikes a good balance between his rapid-fire raps and croons, and Drake, well his Spanish is pretty impressive. In the video, the two are smooth as hell at a fun party under neon lights and even enjoy a game of dominoes together. Watch the video below.


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