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Yankees Fans Are Dicks Again

From throwing beers to taking rude selfies, Yankees fans didn't handle their blowout Wild Card victory with an ounce of sportsmanship.
Screenshot via Twitter / @Cut4

In the last two years we've witnessed a youth movement in the Bronx that, against all odds, made the Yankees extremely likable for the first time in maybe forever. But if you thought that a blowout Wild Card win against an MLB sweetheart would yield some kind of sportsmanship from the Yankees fanbase, you must have been thinking of another team. The detestable Yankees are back.

Last night, the New York Yankees smoked the Oakland A's after taking a huge first-inning lead off of an Aaron Judge two-run dinger, only to be later followed up by a four-run push in the sixth and a salt-in-the-wounds solo shot from Giancarlo Stanton in the 8th. It left A's fans (and pretty much anybody else without a New York area code) clinging on to some kind of hope for a miracle that would never come. Alas, the game would end the season's favorite cinderella story at 7-2, Yankees.


Alright, Yankees fans. You've got the Red Sox matchup you dreamed of—what else could you want? Just dole out a genuine handshake to your fellow man and be on your merry way through beer-breath-clouded 4, B, and D trains. But no. These are fucking Yankees fans we're dealing with.

Feast your eyes upon exhibit No. 1:

Here's a gentleman who is politely high-fiving his fellow Yankees fans, celebrating what will surely be a W, filming himself patting a bereft A's fan on the back. That's pretty nice. Then, the man takes it into selfie mode, and the A's fan willingly obliges by putting himself in the frame—that's nice too… (Or: alternatively, he's just ducking to get out of the way—unclear.) Then the A's fan is left staring out into the sea of pinstripes undulating in victory, realizing that he was just played. Played hard. Surely, that selfie won't go down as a monument to kindness on this dude's timeline.

And some people, well, some people were a lot less subtle:

And you wonder why these people get a bad rap.

But take a look at this. Would you just take a look at this:

Enough said.

Someone came up with a clever solution to this last problem—thanks to fixed camera angles:

Now if only we had a post it note big enough to blot out all Yankees fans on our timelines today.