Virgo, September 2016


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Virgo, September 2016

Happy solar return, Virgo! There's a solar eclipse in your sign this month.
September 1, 2016, 1:00pm

Happy solar return, Virgo! The month kicks off with Mercury (your ruling planet) retrograde in your sign until September 22—what a lovely birthday present from the universe, right? It doesn't end there: A solar eclipse occurs in your sign, too, on September 1.

As I'm sure you know, Mercury retrogrades are super annoying. Don't sign contracts, buy anything important, or start new projects, but do expect miscommunications and delays. Is there anything a Mercury retrograde is good for? Yes: for rethinking your choices, picking up old projects, and reaching out to people from your past.


Mercury is the planet of communication, and because it is retrograde in your sign, Virgo, you will find yourself reconsidering many of things you've expressed—especially since August 10. Feel bad going back on your word or adjusting an agreement? Don't. Everything's fucked anyway, thanks to Mercury retrograde, so it's better to be honest about what you can do and to lower the amount of stress in your life.

Last month's lunar eclipse in Aquarius, on August 18, brought intense changes to your schedule, your daily habits, and how you take care of your health—but more changes are still to come. Eclipses remove the things from our lives that are no longer working for us and reveal previously obscured information about our world. This solar eclipse in your sign will remove relationships that are no longer serving you and make you realize things about yourself that you may have been blind to.

This solar eclipse in your sign will remove relationships that are no longer serving you.

If, during the eclipse, you find yourself wondering, "Why couldn't I do better?" or "Why wasn't I good enough?" keep in mind that, very likely, some situation came to an end because you can do better, and you are good enough, and the eclipse wants to take you someplace new in your life. That's what eclipses do: They lead us to our destiny. This isn't the only eclipse you'll work with this month: There's another eclipse on September 16 in Pisces, which will also be huge for your relationships, so expect more changes and revelations at that time.


During the September 1 eclipse, the Sun (currently in your sign!) will clash with taskmaster Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn has a bad reputation—it's the planet of fears, rules, and restrictions, but it does have some redeeming qualities: It also rules longevity, maturity, and security. The Sun is the planet of vitality, and it's in your sign: Are you feeling bright? You may not—and the Sun's clash with Saturn will push you to create a better, safer, more secure home space for yourself, which will lead to you feeling way happier and more comfortable. This could mean kicking out a shitty roommate, reconnecting with family, energetically cleansing your space, or simply meditating on what security means to you.

Intense vibes will continue to flow on September 2, thanks to the Sun in Virgo opposing hazy Neptune in Pisces. Neptune rules delusions and illusions, and this could play out in many different ways, depending on what you've got going on in your partnerships. The "mystery" could be rekindled, or your partners (both romantic and platonic, by the way) could just start acting really fucking confusing.

Also on September 2, chatty Mercury meets larger-than-life Jupiter in Virgo, so expect lots of grand ideas and big promises to be made. Think back to August 22: Conversations that popped up around then could pick back up now.

On September 9, lucky Jupiter enters Libra and lights up the financial sector of your chart—yay! Jupiter is all about growth and expansion, so I expect some wonderful things will be happening to your wallet this year. Jupiter does have an issue with overspending (Jupiter overdoes everything), so try not to spend every dollar than comes in. Jupiter will be in Libra until October 10, 2017, so you basically have a year to work out your spending habits and save some cash!


Having a safe space is mega important to you, and you're at a breaking point.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares (a very challenging astrological aspect) Neptune in Pisces on September 10. Along with the eclipses, this will be one of the most energetically potent days of the month. Over the last year or so, Virgo, you've been working out some sensitive situations concerning your home, relationships, and feelings around safety and partnering. Do you feel "at home" with your partners? Safe with the people you're supposed to trust most? Alternatively, does your family make the effort to work with you so that things are fair and peaceful?

Having a safe space is mega important to you, and you're at a breaking point. If you're feeling like the boundaries around you aren't being respected, you will be ready to make some big changes. Saturn controls boundaries and rules, while Neptune is the planet of illusion and delusion: Neptune dissolves borders, floats right through walls, and conjures visions, and it's hard to know what's true or false when Neptune is around. Conversely, strict Saturn is really not into that—and neither are you, Virgo. This is a delicate time; watch out for paranoid vibes and insecure feelings, but do stand up for yourself. You're ready for change, especially now that the eclipses have shown you some very valuable truths!

On September 12, your ruling planet, Mercury, squares Mars in Sagittarius, so watch out for arguments and bitchy behavior. People will think they know exactly what's up today. They won't really be willing to be flexible, thanks to the Sun meeting with Mercury as well. Use today's super focused, me first, I'm right attitude to get lots of writing, paperwork, and organizing done! Don't plan heart-to-hearts today.


The Sun enters Libra on September 22, the same day Mercury wraps up its retrograde. Expect more flirty communications to come your way with love planet Venus entering sexy Water sign Scorpio on September 23. This will also be a phenomenal time for dirty talk—or, really, any kind of talk. People will find you charming and easy to get along with. If you have any diplomatic missions to go on, Virgo, sweet Venus in strategic Scorpio will certainly help you out.

September 22 be a phenomenal time for dirty talk—or, really, any kind of talk.

Chatty Mercury also connects with the lord of the underworld, Pluto in Capricorn, on both September 20 and 23, so you'll certainly dig up some value information or hear a few secrets during the second half of the month!

Speaking of Pluto, it ends its retrograde on September 26, which will activate the sector of your chart that rules romance, creative inspiration, and fun—expect things to get passionate around this time. The Sun also meets with lucky Jupiter on this day, which will be fantastic for your self-confidence as well as for your cash—so long as you can keep in you wallet. You'll be a money magnet today; however, you'll also see quite a few objects that you'll be very sorry not to purchase. Don't go shopping—not even window-shopping—today, Virgo!

Warrior Mars enters Capricorn, one of the most driven and lusty signs in the zodiac, on September 27, again igniting the romance and creativity sector of your chart. If you've been feeling held back creatively or if you've been bored in your love life, it's likely you'll do some dumping on this date.

September 30 brings the new moon in lovely Libra, an Air sign ruled by the planet of harmony and balance, Venus. How will you find your balance during this new moon, Virgo? By reflecting on your relationship with money, what you find valuable, and also your self-esteem! Is your self-esteem tied up in how much money you have and what you own? New moons bring new beginnings, and this is a perfect time to dismantle weird ideas you have about cash and confidence. New financial opportunities will also be on the way!