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Donald Trump Mutants Congregate on Halloween in New York City

Terrifying photos of the most horrible demons to slither out on All Hallow's Eve: Donald Trumps, pussy grabbers, and the election cycle itself.
All photos by Darragh Dandurand

For 43 years, New York City's annual Village Halloween Parade has commemorated the spookiest day of the season, when the veil between this world and the realm of spirits, ghouls, and ghosts is said to be at its thinnest. But this year, with the worst election cycle in memory sputtering to its undignified close, the mortal world seems far more frightening than the other side of the veil.

With that in mind, we sent photographer Darragh Dandurand to the event to photograph some of the most horrible demons of the night: people dressed as the candidates, as some of Trump's most offensive comments and ideas, and—scariest of all—as the election cycle itself.