Bryce Harper to Children: "No Participation Trophies, OK?"

Well, that was harsh.
May 28, 2017, 5:02pm

Bryce Harper is out here doing work to unravel millennials' sense of accomplishment, and breed a new generation of baseball superstars who are non-losers. And it seems to be getting a decent amount of applause.

Yesterday, Harper was out chatting up a group of little leaguers, and decided to opine on the function of participation trophies, basically telling kids, no, you don't deserve or need them.

"As much as they might tell you, 'It's OK you guys lost today,' no Johnny. No participation trophies, OK? First place only, alright?"

You could hear the wave of parents' applause and see it spread a bit to the crowd of kids, hanging off of Bryce's every word. Seems like a popular-enough sentiment—at least at that locale.

Harper is only 24 and just got married, but it looks like he's well on his way to being an Intense Sports Dad. Beware, Johnny.