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What Happens When 'Doom' Meets 'Call of Duty?

New mod contains brings 70 weapons from the Call of Duty series to Doom.

Long before the recent reboot of Doom that we here at Motherboard love, there was a Doom 4 in the works that was canned because it seemed too much like the popular shooter series Call of Duty. But judging from a new weapons mod called "Call of Doom" from a guy named Arrowood (who asserts in his bio that he loves "GUNS and DOOM"), some people would have been quite fine with that.

The concept is simple. "Call of Doom" allows you to use over 70 guns modeled after those in the Call of Duty series while blasting demons and other assorted baddies in John Romero and John Carmack's seminal '90s first-person shooter. It works with "various" custom maps that support the popular Brutal Doom mod, which augments Doom's already famously violent experience with the ability to splatter walls with blood and shoot off limbs.

Even if you don't feel the call to download it and try it out for yourself, you should at least check out that kickass trailer above. As befits a mod that's about mashing together two of gaming's most popular shooter series, it takes footage of "Call of Doom" in action and overlays it with sound and music from Call of Duty.

In the mod's comment section, Arrowood claims one of the included submachine gun was tossed in to celebrate "that Call of Duty has returned to WW 2" with the upcoming Call of Duty: WW2, and that may in fact be the reason for the mod's existence in the first place. But don't worry if you prefer for you calls of duty to come from other eras tackled by the series. Apparently they're in there.