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Daily Horoscope: October 03, 2015

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October 3, 2015, 7:00am
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The last few days have been difficult, but today's looking good! We have a light and airy Gemini Moon all day until 8:22 PM, which is when the Moon enters its favorite sign: domestic, sensitive, psychic Cancer. Before then, the Moon in Gemini contacts lovely Venus in glamorous Leo at 1:18 PM, making it a great time to contact anyone whose good side you want to be on. Midday hookups are likely, but if romance isn't on your mind, this energy could manifest as a boost in creativity or confidence.


Don't sleep in too late today, Aries: Flirtatious conversations await you early this morning, as well as helpful news and ideas, bursts of creativity, and plenty of poetry. The last few days have been so hard—finally, some love!


Financial and material stresses have been, well, stressing you out lately, but things will turn around today when help comes you way. You've spent a lot of energy (and love) this summer on healing your home life—it pays off today.


The Moon is in your sign for most of today, Gemini, before it leaves for Cancer! Early today is pretty great, with plenty of helpful, lovely conversations coming your way. Mercury's retrograde, so nothing's set in stone, but that's fine; you're flexible!


The Moon enters your sign tonight, Cancer! But before then, you may have some breakthroughs about your financial situation—that is, only if you can take some time alone and really reflect on the issue.


Venus, the planet of love, prosperity, beauty and harmony is in your sign, Leo! This, of course, means Venus is shining down some extra love on you. Socializing and networking early today is highly recommended.


With a little bit of discipline, you could have a super productive day, especially around you reputation or career, Virgo! But, today's not all work and no play—tonight's great for socializing, with the Moon in sweet Cancer.


Libra, you're the nicest sign in the zodiac, but over the last few days, no one would have guessed that by interacting with you. Today, you get a little more "back to normal." Mercury's still retrograde in your sign, it's ok if you're currently confused—things will clear up soon.


Midday today is excellent for getting someone to believe in you or invest in you and your future. Your career has been lagging over the summer, but things are finally beginning to pick up now.


Relationships of all kinds have been difficult to work with over the last few days, Sagittarius, but things get way easier today. Midday is excellent for romance—but also for creativity if you're not in the mood for love.


Things are going well, Capricorn, but you're feeling a little awkward or stuck in the middle. It's possible you could end up in some third wheel situation. The last few days have been pretty stressful, and even if today's slightly annoying, you'll be fine!


Your relationships were really strained this past summer, Aquarius. Things have been lightening up, and today, finally, you're feeling really open and hopeful about it all. Even people you aren't romantically involved with will be totally helpful and sweet!


You're normally not inspired by chores or domestic scenes, Pisces, but today is quite different. Tidying up is giving you life! Invite your favorite friends over to help you—you'll get a lot done. Your new, clean space will support you beautifully.

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