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Watch This Guy Turn Rice Into a Kitchen Knife

A new video from the Kiwami Japan YouTube channel documents the process of turning rice—yes, the rice you eat—into a formidable kitchen utensil.

Remember this guy, who managed to turn plastic cling wrap, aluminium foil, and jello into fully functional knives? Well, he’s back at it on the Kiwami Japan YouTube channel, which just posted an 11 minute video documenting the process of turning rice—yes, the rice you eat—into a knife.

After first using a blender to turn the rice into a fine grained powder, he creates a homemade “ball mill” to spin the powdered rice around with two aluminium oxide balls for 12 hours. The end result, after baking the knife and sharpening it with a whetstone, is a very formidable rice-based kitchen utensil.

While the video is titled “Sharpest Rice Kitchen Knife In The World,” I’ve got to question just how much competition there is in the field of rice kitchen knives. If you’ve got the time, utensils, and drive to use that rice accumulating dust in your pantry, then maybe you could be the first challenger to Kiwami Japan’s claim.

Or you could just, you know, make a stew or something.

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