Inside the weird dinosaur park where Confederates defeat the Union army

The South rises again at this weird dinosaur park

NATURAL BRIDGE, Virginia — Dinosaur Kingdom II is a theme park where dinosaurs defeat the Union Army in a Civil War battle forgotten by history. It has a mock Ken Burns-style documentary and everything. Of the more than 1,700 monuments and markers for the Confederacy across the country, this is one of the strangest.

The sci-fi alt-history theme park was built in 2016 by Mark Cline — someone people in the south would call "a character." Admission is $10 and Cline says the park can bring in $10,000 on any happening summer weekend.

"The Yankee troops wanted to use these dinosaurs as weapons of mass destruction against the South. It kind of backfired on them," Cline told VICE News. "And this is the story that was left out of most of the history books. So I'm trying to bring the story to light to make sure that history is told the way it's supposed to be."

VICE News visited to ask the creator about why he built the park and why he wanted to see the South win.

This segment originally aired June 26, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.