Fucked Up’s Cover of “High Rise” Will Rip You a New One

The beloved Canadian punx deliver their take on The Train Spotters 1979 release for a new 7 inch.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
May 17, 2018, 9:58am

A life philosophy that has served me quite well so far is this: there are few things more purely enjoyable than a bouncy, 2-and-a-half-minute-long punk song that sounds like push pits and wringing cheap cider out of your t-shirt and/or hair. It's also non-negotiable in my mind that there are fewer bands more enjoyable than Canada's Fucked Up, at whose live shows push pits and the throwing of cheap cider are not only expected, but relished. So, when these two things are brought together, as they have been many times during Fucked Up's long career, it's a wonderful thing.


Obviously, what I'm leading up to saying here is that Fucked Up have released a new track, "High Rise," which is a cover of The Train Spotters' 1979 release. It comes as part of a new 7 inch from the band, due via Tankcrimes on June 15. It's a pretty special thing, firstly as a reminder of how much this song fucking rules (spoiler: a lot), and also because the band have bulked it out in a way that stays true to the pogoing spirit of the original. Traditional rock instrumentation zooms through the compactly and tightly structured track, along with a dizzy but subtle synth line, while Damian Abraham's reliable roar leads proceedings in a suitably sweaty manner. Listen above and chuck a drink in the air, probably.

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