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Diplo and Mark Ronson's BBC Essential Mix is Actually Very Fire

It's an undeniably fun party mix featuring Cardi B, Drake, Mr Fingers, Tchami, and Janet Jackson.
Nick Walker/Supplied

So, Diplo and Mark Ronson’s new collab as Silk City, “Only Can Get Better”, is bad. We’ve established that. It’s a pretty watered down version of a certain kind of ultra sanitised funky house that was really popular in the 2000s, and, realistically, if you wanted to listen that kind of thing, you’d probably be a lot better going straight back to the source.

However. If you did decide to listen to the track (Which, y’know. I’ve spent so much time writing about it, you probably want to make up your own mind now!) the best possible context for it is in Diplo and Ronson’s absolutely fire new BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, which dropped this morning. “Only Can Get Better” kicks off the excellent mix, which includes a mashup of Route 94’s “My Love” and “God’s Plan” by Drake, Kelis’ “Milkshake”, “Mystery of Love” by Mr Fingers, Tchami remixing Janet Jackson, and an LTD/Cardi B mashup. It’s all pretty basic, sure, but it’s fucking enjoyable, and I really couldn’t recommend a better use of an hour. Sorry ‘bout it. Listen below:

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