Meat Rain, Blood Waterfalls, and Chemtrails Star in the Second Season of Our Podcast

Science Solved It returns Tuesday, June 26 with all new episodes.
June 25, 2018, 12:00pm
An airplane with contrails
Image: WikiMedia Commons

Hunks of meat falling from above, waterfalls that run red as blood, and so-called “chemtrails” criss-crossing the sky are just a few of the wondrous mysteries solved by science that feature in the second season of Science Solved It, hosted by Motherboard's Kaleigh Rogers and produced by VICE's Sophie Kazis. Debuting on Tuesday, June 26, we’ll have all new episodes every Tuesday, following the world’s greatest mysteries that were solved by science:

Each episode, we investigate a different, bizarre mystery for which science has uncovered a solution. We talk to the researchers who cracked the case, and find out more about some of the strange conspiracy theories people have come up with over the years to explain phenomena they don’t understand. We’ve covered everything from the Pokémon shock, where an episode of the show allegedly led to thousands of children having spontaneous seizures, to the bloop, the loudest underwater noise ever recorded.

This season, we’ve dug up some even stranger cases and talk to incredible experts to get to the bottom of the world’s most unusual stories. Our first episode focuses on the conspiracy theory of “chemtrails:” the idea that the white streaks left behind airplanes in the sky are part of a vast, secret government spraying program to douse the public in chemicals. Depending on whom you ask, those chemicals are believed to contain mind-control drugs, or electromagnetic nanoparticles that are turning our clouds into global megaweapons. It turns out the actual explanation is far less tantalizing, but you’ll have to listen to our episode to find out the whole story.

Get all caught up on season one here before the new episodes start airing.