Jungle Return with Two Quietly Euphoric New Songs

The sunny tracks, "House in LA" and "Happy Man," will be released as a 12" double A side by XL Recordings on June 22.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Remember 2014? Nah, me neither to be honest – too much has happened since, rendering everything before the Brexit vote a rose-tinted fantasy. If you sift through the things from that year that do stick in your mind, however (the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Scottish referendum) you might come upon Jungle, the seven-piece led by Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, and their cracking, self-titled debut album, which was later nominated for the Mercury Prize.


Late yesterday, the band announced their return with two new tracks and music videos: "House in LA" (see and hear that above), and "Happy Man" (below). The songs expand Jungle's sound, both embodying a bright but hazy mood in different ways. "House in LA" is the sort of track that invites stillness, enveloping you with its sheer atmosphere, while "Happy Man" is a funkier number with prominent bass and an extremely hooky chorus that'll compel you to dance, probably while doing lots of dramatic pointing. The two songs will be released on 22 June by XL as a double A side 12", which, truly, is excellent stuff – let's hope for more soon.

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